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Construction Mediators London

We specialise in resolving construction and property disputes between parties by way of mediation.

Mediation is an efficient and cost effective way of resolving a dispute, that can otherwise become drawn-out, stressful and expensive.

Mediation is a highly successful method of dispute resolution, with 75% of cases reaching an agreement on the day of the hearing, and a further 11% being settled within two weeks of the hearing date.

Construction Mediators

What is Mediation?

Voluntary, Non-Binding and Private

A mediator helps to prioritise and clarify issues and assist parties in the search for solutions.

The mediator will guide parties through negotiations to avoid escalations of conflict and find a resolution.

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Construction Mediators London

Why Use Mediation?

Cheaper, Quicker, Less stressful and Private

Mediation is much cheaper than alternative methods of resolving disputes such as adjudication, arbitration or court proceedings. Its cost effectiveness means that an already stressful situation is not worsened by accruing hefty legal fees.

Mediation is much quicker than if a dispute was to go to adjudication or court, with most mediation sessions resulting in agreements on the day.

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Construction mediation london

What’s involved?

Your mediator will be a RICS accredited mediator

Firstly, both parties need to agree to mediation. Once that has been established, we ask both parties to sign a mediation agreement. A venue and date are agreed then the mediation itself takes place. Mediation can also be conducted online if both parties agree.

RICS Accredited.

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RICS Accredited mediator
RICS Evaluative mediator